14 Financial Tips for Millennials

14 Financial Tips for Millennials: With two millennial children, I see firsthand the unique personalities built into this new generation.  Even though they have been dubbed the Me Generation or labeled as entitled or self-obsessed, [...]

How to Build Your Investment Portfolio

How to Build Your Investment Portfolio: How you invest your money can shape how you build your future.  This is true whether you are in your 20’s and just starting to save for a new [...]

Financial Tips for Couples

Financial Tips for Couples: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we think of all the fun and excitement we share with our spouse.  There are many rewards of being in a relationship, but along with [...]

Finding Happiness in Investing

Finding Happiness in Investing: Money is one of the largest stresses in an individual’s life. We worry about the bills today and our financial future tomorrow. As the family’s CEO, primary caregiver or single mom, [...]

Investment Advice to Live By

Investment Advice to Live By: The everyday investor tends to be paralyzed by worry about investments and how to do right for your portfolio. Get the noise out of your head and invest wisely. Take [...]