Finding Your Financial Path

Finding Your Financial Path - by Stuart V. Smith

A Guide for Women through Life’s Twists and Turns

Finding Your Financial Path is a practical guide for any woman who needs to take control of her financial life. Whether you are going through a divorce, making your way after the death of a spouse or taking on the financial responsibility of aging parents, this book centers around the life transitions that women will encounter with the hope of outlining advice to help every woman find financial comfort and security. My goal is to educate, inform and help women land on their feet financially. I hope Finding Your Financial Path is useful as you work through your own twists and turns to reach the long-term financial stability you desire and deserve.

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Stuart Vick Smith discusses her book, Finding Your Financial Path, on KVUE News

Reviews for the Book

“The financial challenges arising from the life transitions that women specifically so often face – from a new marriage and retirement to the loss of a spouse or divorce – are both nuanced and unique. In “Finding Your Financial Path,” Stuart Vick Smith provides an easy-to-read, yet well-crafted, guide to emerging from such transitions financially secure. Most importantly, she doesn’t neglect the emotional side of these significant life events, giving women compassionate yet actionable steps to navigate and manage the vital financial aspects of a change in circumstance within its larger context.” – Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at The BAM Alliance

“Clear, concise, calming & confidence building. What more could a woman want in a financial guide? Stuart Vick Smith’s new book, FINDING YOUR FIANCIAL PATH: a guide for women through life’s twists and turns walks you through life major financial turning points – marriage, career/business sale, divorce, widowhood, inheritance, etc. – while also providing jargon free explanations on everything from creating pain free budgets to teaching your kids about money.  Stuart works holistically with her clients and that authentic, heart-felt mindset sparkles through in this inviting, informative book!” – Manisha Thakor, Director of Wealth Strategies for Women at The BAM Alliance